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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
Well, his boxing and his wrestling have always been his bread and butter. Eddie was a two-time All-American highschool wrestler, and Dida is known for his striking power. Why would Eddie not take advantage of a glaring weakness in Andre's game?

He's just too wild. You can have all the power in the world, but if you throw everything into your punches, chances are high you're leaving yourself open to being countered with a takedown.

I agree, he's fought some tough competition. But you seemed extremely confident in his ability to make Alvarez look foolish:

lol. There's nothing wrong with you having optimistic predictions for one of your favourite fighters. I just find it interesting that you were so convinced that he'd be more complete with his training at the Universidade, and your confidence in his improvements completely changed since he got smashed.
Alvarez likes to stand and bang that's why I assumed he would stand and bang it's what he does. I knew about his wrestling pedgree but he doesn't use it all that often.

I know that's why he needs a good defensive ground game

I thought he would KO Eddie Alvarez standing. Something he almost did when he rocked him. I didn't think he would take him down and I was obviously wrong.

Also I did say that his only chance to beat the strong wrestlers who would take him down in this GP was for him to face them in a later round because his ground game needed work.
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