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Originally Posted by Chrisl972
I believe that Monson will be holding the belt after this PPV anyways. We all know that Sylvia has some problems with ground fighters. (Quite an understatment)

And after that I see no problem with the winner of Mir/Vera getting a shot. I think that AA needs to fight a few more times, just as a kind of punishment for the last fight with Sylvia. He needs to know that a 5 round borefest is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

I was in agreement with your post until I got to the “punishment for the last fight” comment and every thing that followed that. The guy injured his left knee in the 2nd round so badly that it swelled up twice its normal size after the fight and I even heard he had to have surgery on it. I have not seen any thing to confirm the surgery but his personal trainer did conform that he injured his knee in the second round. Come one man, the guy trains hard and fights hard every time. This one time he got injured he still hung in there knowing he couldn’t take the fight to the ground and knowing he didn’t have any thing on his punches because he is a warrior and a true competitor. But you say that won’t be tolerated?
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