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Originally Posted by Sub By Armbar
This thread gets my vote for most hilarious title.
I know I haven't agreed with you in the past. But this quote I must agree on. Iceman 574 half of the time sounds drunk and doesn't know what he is talking about. I just stated the fact Ken well not give up to Tito but have to in the unanimous decision then he makes an "epic" that has very good rhymes with rush.

Besides Iceman574 (and Ken Shamrock, you as well), Tito will not be beaten to death. The best Ken will be able to do to him is get unanimous decision. Ken has gotten so pissed at Tito he will come out and try to attack Tito but get blocked or something then fall down and be mauled by Tito but he will refuse to be knocked out by Tito. Tito will massacre him in the fight however and win by decision since Ken does not want to be TKO'd or KO'd by Tito.

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