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Originally Posted by dudarrza View Post
I havent ever heard anyone suggest deadlifts and squats to develop chest. When people say dont do isolation they usually talk about bicep or tricep development, not chest since most chest excercises hit numerous muscles (bench press in anterior deltoids, chest, triceps for instance). If you want to develop your chest and especially "inner" chest I would focus on dips. The more you lean foward on the dips the more it hits your chest, the closer you are to vertical the more it is your triceps. I would also do dumbell presses at different angles. Really though until you develop a solid base of chest strength it doesnt make sense to focus on different areas of the chest (upper, lower, inner, etc) and just focus on general development. Hope this helps
Not directly but indirectly. When you squat and dead lift you grow all over. I do agree you should also perform bench presses, overhead presses, dips and other upper body compound movements but the best exercises anyone can do are squats and dead lifts. Cleans are also great explosive movements but you have to do those with perfect form or you can get seriously hurt. The bottom line is if you are into combat sports or any type of athletics you should concentrate on compound movements and explosive exercises.
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