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Are you doing any dieting? Try upping your vegetable and fruit intake and cutting your carbs as other have said.

I start the day with a Penn shake
Quaker oats, mixed berries, whole bananna, protein powder, 2 cups water. Blended

Lunch I eat meat and greens usually green beans and tuna or chicken

Dinner I eat salad with anykind of toppings I feel like.

This should completely change what fat gets burned in your system. I went from 194 to 174 in about 4-5 weeks. Eat vegetable first to take the edge off, eat anything else second, carbs should be had in wheat breads and pastas mostly. Only eat high amounts of fast acting carbs after workouts (rice, etc..)

Top 5:
BJ Penn
Forrest Griffin
Matt Hamil
Bas Rutten
Kenny Florian
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