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Originally Posted by ROCKBASS03
I partially agree, but look how quick the guys from TUF got popular.......not years, just a little tv show and a few fights.

I think it would be great to get a pride bigshot, but we all know if will never happen. I don't know how much they make over there, but UFC has no real reason to pay any of them high amounts of money unless they come to UFC and earn it. When it all comes down, they are going to want money, unless they just want out of Pride. If I was in UFC and Pride wanted me to come to Japan to fight, even offering a little more, I would never go. I would never expect any of those guys to come here either.
There is a post in the Pride part of this Forum that talks about what Pride fighters make. I was shocked. I always thought that Pride pays WAY more. They don't, go take a look.

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