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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
I definitely need speed work and some way to stop my calves from cramping up, I have to stop 2-3x every mile and stretch them out again.
I got that at first but it's pretty much stopped now. I make sure I have at least 2-3 uphill sections (varying degrees) on my planned routes, which really works my calves. I doubled up on that by making one of my days have a fartlek session (run/jog/run intervals) in the middle of a shorter run. With the fartleks going uphill.

It sucks (I felt sick the first time I did it), but it's effective. Even if you have to walk instead of jog the last few intervals, just steadily increase the number of intervals or speed of running. I just use lamposts as markers for the intervals, it's an easy visual and pretty accurate way of measuring for me.

I use this site ---> to plan my routes too. Very handy.

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