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im with david all the way on this. and truthfully, you ought to be fighting as close as possible to your natural weight to minimize the amount of weight being cut. i weigh 145 and walk around between 143 and 148. I eat what i want and i get the proper amount of exercise. i also have a LOT more energy in a fight than someone who has had to cut 10-15lbs of water weight.

as far as losing weight goes, be aware of how many calories you are consuming. exercise to burn off the excess. avoid empty calories (anything that provides calories but little or no nutritional value). glycemic index can be a factor, but if you eat 5 meals a day it usually isn't. max weightloss ought to be 3-5lbs a week for a normal person. anything beyond and you're either doing it the wrong way or you were exceptionally out of shape in the first place (30+lbs overweight, muscle atrophy, etc).
either way, i dont think this post is accomplishing a whole lot.

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