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it hasnt really worked since they took the ephedra out of it. now all you get is 180mg of caffeine per serving. caffeine can stay in your system for up to 24 hours... so by the end of the first week you'd have caffeine in your system equal to roughly a gallon of coffee or more.

stick with aerobic exercises. they burn more calories and are the surest way to burn fat. also, how much muscle mass do you have? having a good amount of muscle will raise the number of calories you can burn because muscle is more metabolically active.

worst case scenario, if you really need help clearing a plateau get some CLA. you have to use it in conjunction with aerobic exercise, but it will help. you should get about 2-3k mg a day every day. you'll likely have to use it for 3-5 weeks before you really see anything because it takes a while to accumulate in your system. you can get it from a natural source, but the only natural sources come from grass fed cattle: beef, milk and dairy products. again, the source cattle have to be GRASS FED. its easy for me cause i raise my own, but generally what you get at the grocery is corn fed.

still, the easiest way is to just run more. and not on a treadmill. run outside!
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