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Originally Posted by plazzman View Post
He fought and KO'd Alistair Overeem last year in K-1
Fight is here --->

It's kind of scrappy, Kharitanov gets a nice throw from a standing Kimura attempt though Overeem scrambles back up. Everything is kind of meh (Overeem with some decent legkicks and rights and Sergei with some decent counters) until Overeem throws a front kick that misses and Kharitanov just starts cracking him, Overeem looks like he may comeback with some decent knees. One of which is clean to Sergei's head (he just shakes his head and is like "yeah whatever" lol), then Overeem gasses and Sergei hammers him. Overeem was running away at then end. . .

I swear I saw Overeem look at the clock at like 2mins15 into the round. *sigh*

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