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Originally Posted by looney liam View Post
i know it seems unbelievable but the guy checked out, batista did as well(his muscles have slowly been turning to flab recently). every wwe wrestler who got caught with steroids was suspended for 30 days or even fired, no exceptions.
I remember Jim Ross commenting on the issue after Lashley left the WWE. He said that Lashley is just an interesting physical specimen, much like Lesnar. No roids. There were rumors that surfaced during the time Lashley was on top of the wrestling world, however, that Vince would omit his main card wrestlers from these drug tests. Congress got involved and asked for all their records and everything regarding drug testing. Nowadays, WWE is actually pretty strict on the drug testing. What with Jeff Hardy getting suspended recently, it's become quite apparent. But back then, I don't know how Vince did his drug testing. He very well may have omitted his top guys from testing. But we don't know. All I DO know is that Lashley (regardless of whether he was juicing in the past) will not get away with it in the MMA world. So who cares if he was on roids as it won't happen anymore. Again, not saying he ever was in the first place.
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