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i wish I could remember what I posted to make m_d laugh so hard? Thanks everybody who mentioned me.

I know I'm going to have to add to this list anyone I forgot, because I know I will after I get a drink, the people who have been tolerant about my ignorance on some topics, passed on useful and otherwise awesome information, or made me lmao, pt447, plazzmang, surfninja, Pendulum Sweep (where the hell did she go?) onganju, judoka, robb2140, chris1972, GMW, TheNegation, Negative1, wise, flak, brownpimp, coppershark, malkyboy, cartheron, WLTFU (who is MIA) wukka, wawaweewa, davidm724, screenamesuck,okami-fan for continuing to redeem himself, dropkick, more later as my brain loosens up from a combination of ciclon, kahlua, coffee and milk, I call it Suavemente Tranquila Bandita.

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