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We are definitely on the same page. I agree with you completely that boxing is a classy sport. That's why I used boxing as an example to pose a question to TRENT205, who was stating that MMA is not classy, nor is it meant to be classy. I disagreed with him, and asked him "I suppose boxing is classless too?" It was an example, which illustrates my view that both MMA and boxing are classy sports. Of course I love MMA much more than boxing, but by no means was I saying boxing was classless. I agree with you, Mike Tyson was the only boxer I can think of off hand that was truly classless. He used to be extremely classy, until he lost it.

Anyway, I believe "class" requires the display of respect toward your opponent and other fighters who enter the cage. It requires respect toward fans of the sport, as well as the acknowledgement of those who helped you get where you are. A classy fighter follows the rules, and does not blatantly cheat inside or outside the cage (ie. using performance enhancing drugs). Also, a classy figher loses gracefully, and shows respect and congratulates the winner. On the other hand, a classy fighter wins gracefully and (somewhat) humbly. Any winning fighter will be very excited, and may seem like they're not humble, but they don't talk down to their opponent. An example of a fighter who displayed a lack of class after "winning" would be Biping vs. Hamill. Bisping said "go back to wrestling" which was far from appropriate, seeing as how he definitely did not get a solid win. Bisping is normally a classy guy, but lost his composure after that fight. He was clearly exhausted, so I don't hold that comment against him too much. I don't like him as a fighter, but he is still a classy guy other than that one slip-up. Showboating after a fight like Tito and Grove's gravedigging is pretty retarded, but I believe showmanship is part of the sport, and doesn't necessarily mean they are classless. I can't stand either one of them though.

I have a habit of rambling, sorry. So that's my idea of class, but I'm sure I forgot something.
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