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Originally Posted by Chrisl972
Chucks basis for his fighting is a wrestling back ground.

It's hard for wrestlers to over come the teaching of not getting on their backs. They are all very different. Wretlers are not grapplers and have a very hard time adapting to them. Grapplers have a hard time with the ground and pound that wrestlers bring to the ring and strikers have a hard time if they get taken down, but can win the stand up any day.

Is the general thought that it's not what you specialize in but what your secondary defense is?
I dont know. I've seen great wrestlers add on grappling. I do know what you mean about wrestlers having a hard time adapting to grappling though since the thing you are defending most in wrestling is keeping off your back. I guess depends on who you are and if you can adapt. The point i was making with Chuck.... his primary offense is actually all to do with countering. He is an excellent counter striker and he trains to defend takedowns and standing back up when taken down. This is exactly what we see Chuck do in just about all his fights. He makes it so that his opponent is forced to stand and then its lights out.

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