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Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
Yes, actually I hate Death Metal, but considering how drunk I was that slip up is forgivable.

I only have Eld and Isa as far as Enslaved go Vader, but I like their newer stuff a lot more.

Anyway, Immortal and Dissection are where it's at.
i only have Vikingligr Veldi and Below the Lights and they are both pretty good
if you want to listen to them just pm me,i will get rs links for you
and yea immortal are awesome,i'm more of a fan of their new stuff like sons of the northern darkness and At the Heart of Winter
and the first 2 dissection cd's were awesome,i didnt even try listening to the third one,i heard it sucks

since you seem to like real black metal try Darkthrone.i'm really picky about metal and i just love the band.
Ravishing Grimness is one of my favorite cd's

Originally Posted by CroCopPride View Post
viking metal is dope 8/10

amon amarth-the pursuit of vikings

there dope live
korpiklaani is actually folk metal and not viking

and i just love amon amarth

Finntroll - "Trollhammeren"

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