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its a tough agrument. i have always been prone to striking. i think bjj is probably the best all around. but it really depends on the person. dean lister is one of the best grapplers in the world, but his take downs and stand up arent that great. so he could get ko'd trying for that take down. but if he gets you on the ground you are in trouble. i think thats why its so important to cross train. you cant just be good at one thing anymore, otherwise the guy that has the rock to smash your scissors will always when. and the guy with the paper will always beat the rock. the the guy with the scissors beats the paper guy. it never ends. you have to be all three if you want to be a champion. and if you dont want to be champ then just keep doing one thing and continue to be a stepping stone for all the guys that cross train. at my school, we have bjj, muay thai, sambo, boxing,and sub wrestling. there is even a grip fighting class you can take. we also incorporate alot of judo in our jiu jitsu which i think is very key to getting the fight down. i plan to be a very well rounded fighter, and be dangerous anywhere the fight goes, but im always looking for the ko, its the rock in me i guess.
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