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Originally Posted by davidm724 View Post
Absolutely. If I compare these guys as well as other fighters to professional athletes in other sports, I believe I'd find more class among fighters. Of course we have our Michael Jordans and John Elways who are great sportsmen, but among all athletes in each sport, I believe class runs deepest in combat sports. It seems unlikely for such a sport as MMA, which is thought to be brutal and barbaric in some eyes, but I think it comes from the fact that a fighter typically has the utmost respect for anybody who is willing to step into the ring or cage. I believe MMA is the ultimate sport among men. In my opinion, it is as noble as knights in a jousting tournament, only in modern times. Anyway, I guess I've wandered off topic. So, how about them ring girls?
Once again we are not only on the same page but the exact same line on the same page.
What I think happened here is that the gentleman was trying to put everything down.He's putting the sport down as having no class, so what he is implying is that,if the sport itself has no class, then we are not to expect any kind of class with regard to anything else associated with it.
I think that we have dealt with that.
If he says that the fight game has no class, look at Mohammed Ali.I think you are right;there really is no celebrity today who exhibits as much class as Ali, when you think about it.And this goes way beyond sports.Any celebrity.Especially when you look at celebrities associated with music, or the cinema.....forget about it.
They can't hold a candle to Ali with regard to class.
And you know, that is also true for anyone else who has a name in the fight game.Look at the guy Sugar Ray Leonard admired:Sugar Ray Robinson.
Tell me that he had no class.
Any of the those guys:Sugar Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, or the legendary Rocky Marciano.
Marciano was a true class act,too, you know.
So yes, boxing, and the MMA do have class people in the forefront, and we definitely have class people in the audience:Look at the people who came to Ali:Frazier I.
Frank Sinatra was seated in the front row, for cryin' out loud!And all the rest of the who's who were there, too.
So this guy's thesis just doesn't hold water.
The sport can be classy, the participants in the sport can be classy, there can definitely be class people in the audience, and back to the thread:
I have had the privilege of not only meeting some models recently, but I also met a couple of Playboy photographers.
The point here is that treatment of female beauty in the photographic media is something that can be done with a greal deal of class.
I mentioned supermodel Brooke Burke with regard to her former role in Wild On on the E! channel. I have recently seen some photographs of her on the Internet that are hot as can be, and yet they are also very, very classy pictures.
That is an example that comes to mind, and like you say, and we were on the same page with this one,too, any regular guy can probably think of pictures or movies or something that he's seen where a beautiful woman, a hot, sexy woman, was photographed in a way that was nothing but class,nothing but class all the way, and the classy treatment helped make that picture a winner.
so what about the girls?
You know, I have been so busy, I still haven't had a chance to see KOTC or the girls.
do all of the video outlets have this? Or where would you recommend that I go to check this out?
I really think that,if they worked on bringing some class to this, they might even be more effective.
LIke, who would say that Wild On! wasn't classy?
And wasn't it effective in terms of what they were trying to do?
Just my opinion, and what I heard,
yours truly,
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