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Originally Posted by johnbender
Heres a fight they might want to set up in the future IMO

Bisping (And I know Im not the only one who agrees with this) has shown the most impressive debut I've seen... We ALL know he'll walk through his next fight they have him set for. Griffen is due for a fight now soon too...

Who do you think would win? Skill wise you know we have to go with Bisping, but DAMN Griffen doesnt know the word quit.

PLUS, whoever wins THAT fight is probably close to a title shot
Are we already talking about Bisping getting a title shot?

I would think that he would have to get through 3 maybe four more fights before he gets a title shot. I like the man, I think that he showed well in and out of the ring, but he needs to be proven more than just on a TV show.

I would like to see him work his way up. To me that's some of the best fighting. Sometimes I want the foreplay and not just the ****ing.

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