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"Size didnt matter back then because no one was well rounded and the little guy won because his style was better. Now everyone pretty well rounded and size would play a huge role."

I agree with you somewhat but theres no way to prove that the smaller guys in that tourny had more skill than the bigger ones. If everyone is so well rounded then everything is pretty much on the level right? I dont know man its not just that one ppv that Im referring to either. Look at all the previous ones and the early ufcs where there were no weight classes. Dan Severn was HUGE compared to a lot of those guys and he didnt win every tourny, neither did Kimo. And those guys werent UNSKILLED either.

It takes a lot more than Size to win, Im a big believer in that. (Even though Im 6"3 lol) Everyone has a face, and a brain, and when you get smashed good, you go down. Dont matter if your 7 feet tall or 500 pounds!
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