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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
a good martial artist never argues that his style is better than someone else thats why I dont like gracie

they are both good neither has the upper hand they are just good in teaching different areas to help you develop as a fighter.
You really just said that Rickson Gracie isn't a good martial artist. I mean, I understand the "it's about the fighter, not the fighting style" mentality, but to say that the quality of a martial artist hinges on his humility is ridiculous.

I think TKD guys suck and here's why:

1) I've found them to be arrogant and cowardly, a combination that makes me want to just put a can opener on them.

2) As someone who's spent his entire life training for full contact competition, I find that anyone who thinks that point sparring is an adequate representation of a real fight (and that training for it has any impact on real combat skills) is seriously dilluted.

3) I've never met a TKD fighter that could take a knee to the face. That includes the handful of TKD blackbelts (of various degrees) that I've faced.

4) There's no clinch game, which makes it inadequate as a striking style. Perhaps even more so than boxing, where fighters are generally smart enough to figure out how to do damage with body punches.

5) As I've mentioned, I've fought a few serious TKD guys, and I have yet to meet one of them that could hurt me, despite the 30 seconds I usually spend standing with them. (this is probably as a result of #2)

Hopefully that wraps up my stance nicely.

Needless to say, I like Muay Thai. (San Shou is the best, though, WAR CUNG LE)

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