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I am a loyal fan of MMA and the Martial Arts in general, who doesn't want to see it get shut down AGAIN because of someone getting killed in the ring. I guess you don't give a s**t about the sport very much. It is a sport and not, as The Don pointed out, a street fight.

Some people are so obvious. You thought that I was talking about you instead of Rush in the other thread and you got angry so decided to make this bs statement aimed at me. That is some funny s**t.

BTW, I find it funny that The Don made the same statement, yet you only responded to me the way you did. Can you say a** kisser who is scared of the Moderators?

OK i said i dont know who Arm Bar is talking to on the other thread(It wasn't sarcasm)

And as for you knocking on one of the greatest fighters in MMA history is just plain stupid he hasnt injured anyone that bad.Cro COp knocks the hell out of people all the time.Rampage Jackson slams guys to hell SHOGUN FIGHTS THE SAME WAY AS SILVA!!....Man your one of those dorkysport fans that needs to shut his mouth.

And as for me kissing Mod A**??? LOL i didnt bother looking at his post all i saw was yours, But i think you better look at some of my early posts Bud see how much i respected the mods.
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