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5'4" 180 lbs. Specific goals. Guidance needed.

What up guys!

Okay, so I', 5'4", 180 pounds (lifes great). I'm a little overweight, but I'm also extraordinarily strong/flexible, stronger than average height muscular guy. Well, my main focus is to increase my brute strength while cutting 25 lbs, and increase my speed without NOT increasing strength.

Main questions:

Would maintaining my current weight, while training intensely (plyometrics, etc), be good for my brute strength, but hurt my Speed potential when I start cutting weight?

Would maintaining my current weight, while training intensely (plyometrics, etc), be good for my brute strength, and my Speed potential once I start cutting the weight?

Would letting my body lose the weight like it wants to while training intensely (plyometrics, etc) reduce/limit the potential of my brute strength while obviously increasing speed?

My plan was to train hard and eat to maintain my current weight. Thus burning fat while putting on muscle, but I don't want to become muscle bound. I'm a natural brute, and since your only as strong as your weakest link, I'm EQUALLY focused on incresing my speed. The idea is to build them both up at the same rate, but keep my str. dominate to my speed. However, I want that speed to be faster than most opponents, and considered very fast by a viewing audience (yeah, thats pretty strong, I know...I'll do whatever it already have an advantage in the str. department).

I don't want to waste this extra weight I have...I want to use it as effectively as possible.

I eat about 1500 calories a day, I have my diet down to a science and I understand how to lose weight. However, I don't use protein shakes, instead I just eat chicken,fish or tuna because theres one thing I'm really not clear on. I feel that using the supplements (even protein shakes) is like...cheating I guess. Once you stop taking the supplement, your hard work goes down the drain steroids, only much slower. Is this true for protein shakes? And yes, I understand you need protein for muscle growth, period, got it. But try to understand what I'm asking.

Hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance.
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