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Originally Posted by Stryker View Post
i have just two for now. do you know any good core exercises besides sit-ups and push-ups. i already do these ones and im looking for some variations to push myself harder.
Yeah, I do.

Burpees are much better. So are pullups. There's a variation of the pullup that I list in the first couple of pages that works really well for the core, too.

i would also like some information on some good circuit training that builds endurance and strength. keep in mind that the only equipment that i own is an elliptical machine and a smith machine with benchpress/squat, curls, tricep workouts, and an 8 pound medicine ball.
Yeah, this is actually less than what I use, for the most part, with the exception of my bag drills.

I tend to avoid machine based stuff, though it might be good if you want to try and do weights that are a little heavier than the weight of the opponent you're expecting.

The circuits I list at the beginning are pretty standard for me, and you should try those out, as they work pretty well.

Again, burpees and pullups are going to be the best bodyweight stuff that you can do, and I recommend doing alot of them. There's a situp variation in the log too, that I've been using, that you might want to check out if you aren't satisfied with normal situps.

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