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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
are you f*cking kidding?? I am leery of supplements like that but I must know more. did u have to change your diet radically to keep the weight off, also did the hydroxycut make you hyper or yr. heart race or anything?
I gave up drinking cokes everyday and switched to water. I basically gave up junk food. I dont eat a whole large pizza from Dominoes twice a week anymore. i eat more fruits and vegetables. I eat alot of foods with fiber in them. I eat boca burgers now instead of hamburgers, its a vegetarian burger. I dont eat cheese anymore, well almost anymore. lol

As far as it making me hyper maybe for the 1st 3 days then it went away. I did notice that i had lots energy.

I'm not saying hydroxycut is a good thing. I'm just saying i got great results from it. i've tryed alot of more expensive products that didnt work. It definately controlled my appetite. When i got to my desired weight i quit taking it and i kept working out and eating right.
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