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I keep hearing: Penn would have won if he wasn't injured during the fight.

Doesn't the fact that Penn was injured in the fight with Hughes say something about Hughes? Geez! The guy blew out his ribs and stamina trying to submit an ox.

How about when Pete Spratt beat Robbie Lawler with LEG KICKS. Does that become a suspect win? Lawler called it quits because he could barely stand. Penn fought through the pain and showed a ton of courage but he was outmanouevered by Hughes and lost the fight. I'mm not even that big a fan of Hughes but you just can't logically argue the man's dominance in his weight division.

I respect Penn's heart and skill but that is what's involved with fighting at this level: Skills, Strength, Conditioning and staying healthy to finish the fight on your terms. The man has SKILLS, His Conditioning is suspect and he is definitely short on strength when stacked against Hughes. He could dominate the LW division if he would stay serious about fighting and finish his fights. Dana White said it best: Don't ever let it go to the judges because you never know how it'll go!

And for the record, I think a fighter's record does say alot about that fighter. You could be the best BJJ practitioner in the world but you have to win MMA fights to be a champion.

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