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Official cause of death determined for MMA fighter Sam Vasquez

Here’s a snip:

“This type of injury is common in the ‘regular world,’ say when a person falls and hits their head…but in combat sports, this injury is very, very rare…I’ll give you a for instance…(Boxers) Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor fought in February. It went 12 rounds, and Kelly Pavlik landed, I believe, 278 blows to the head, and Jermain Taylor landed 164 blows to the head. At UFC 82, (Cheick) Kongo versus (Heath) Herring - which they are both known to be standup guys - six head blows between the two of them. You just don’t have that accumulation of head blows in MMA.”

Just for your information. We all knew that this would happen eventually didn't we? The very interesting part is the snip-it from a doc who says they take way more punches to the head in boxing and yada yada yada, but what he fails to mention is how lethal MMA gloves are. Lets face it, MMA gloves are really only worn to protect the hands, not the face of the other guy. Hopefully this doesn't get blown out of proportion. It is only the 2nd guy to die in MMA. Does anyone know who the first was? Anyway, lets all hope for the best in the future and hope that this doesnt scar our sport.

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