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Originally Posted by x X CLoud X x
BJ and ST. Pierre are def. the best WW in UFC..

As much as i like Hughes, he has been getting punished by Both ^ Fighters..

look at his 1st match with Pierre, Pierre had him all those rounds, and def. put a hurting on Hughes, Pierre just made a mistake against an experienced fighter and Hughes took it

BJ vs Hughes.... BJ dominated him totally all 2 rounds, but how does he lose? seperated his goddam ribs, then Hughes got lucky and capitalized

my point, if u watched those fights, that shows that the WW Champ is not dominant enough... just like Franklin

a True Champ like, Fedor does not face difficulty when faced against his Oppenents...
GSP was winning the ONLY round not rounds. We have seen Matt come back from worse. I do give Matt the win in that with without excuse.

This will be a different fight. I think that GSP is no longer star struck when he looks at Matt and just to make things worse, Matt has pissed him off to the point where it might get personal.

Bad call in my mind, GSP is a very nice guy that is VICOUS when just "doing his job" in the ring. Getting him mad and making him want to REALLY HURT you, might have been a bad strategy, at least I hope.

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