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Kim couture: "It would be cool without the last name Couture"

Kim Couture talks about her win in her mma debut and more on Randy's departure from the UFC and some of the negative criticism she gets.

On her performance...

"I feel good about it. I think it was pretty good for a first MMA fight. Obviously you go back and wish you wouldíve done this and wish you wouldíve done that, but it is a learning experience. I canít wait to watch the tape and figure out what to work on from here."

On her next fight...

"Iím probably going to take a month off and just train hard and put more tools in the tool belt and try to set something up for probably a month from now. I donít want to fight in a month, but set something up and have an 8 week training camp."

On Randy's departure from the UFC...

"I think people are looking for an excuse. They donít want to look at the facts. They want to blame somebody and they canít imagine that Randy is, I guess, crazy enough to leave on his own, but itís just funny to me because I wanted to see him fight quite a few more fights. It took me a year to talk him into coming back out of retirement, so why would I want him to leave?"

On negative comments said about her...

"I actually never get on the computer and read any of that stuff. I only know about it when someone brings it up. None of that stuff affects me at all. Training and fighting is not easy, but whatís easy is sitting behind a keyboard stating your opinion when youíre not out there doing it yourself."

"I was training before I ever met Randy first off. I scheduled my first fight before Randy left the UFC so that doesnít exactly hold water, but I guess the public knows more than I do."

"I think anybody out there, if Brett Favreís wife or Joe Montanaís wife or anybody, their daughter or someone was to do anything, itís going to catch media news. People are just interested and curious and the people that donít have anything better to do are the ones that speak negative and state their opinion. It makes me feel sorry for them. I think thereís so much in this life to enjoy, so many exciting things out there to experience and thatís certainly what we do every day is challenge ourself to try and do things to occupy our mind. I think some of these people need to get off of their computers and try to experience life a little."

There's more about her fight, Randy and some of the other stuff in the full interview...
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