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Originally Posted by SlaveTrade View Post
I really hope Misaki joins this tourny.

Misaki has got to be, without the slightest doubt in my mind, the fighter that I hate the most. The way he was being so disrespectful to Akiyama when Akiyama was completely pounding him before that illegal soccer kick is just childish. Even after being so disrespected, Akiyama was still classy to the end.

I really hope Misaki joins this tournament and gets embarrassed by Akiyama.

Also, I really hope the Donger DongBars his way into the finals.

Akiyama and Dong in the finals!~~~ ^^ I wish..

I pick Akiyama to win the whole Grand Prix.
Akiyama wasn't "completely pounding" Misaki lol.
Also, illegal soccer kick? NC was the only real way that could have gone, Akiyama had the soles of both his feet on the ground, he really wasn't down at all. He had a hand resting on the mat, thats all.

Saku will whomp Tamura after Tamura whomps Funaki. That will basically undoubtedly solidify Saku as the greatest Japanese MMArtist of all time. It shall be awesome.
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