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I thought ed herman might have had a tkd background? Anyway if he did there would be slightly better representation of TKD than Danny Abbadi in the MMA world.

My teacher has us do a kicking drill called "lightning" (it complements a stance exercise called earth and a punching/blocking drill called thunder) and the drill alternates speed and power, ie u go through the basic kicking drill where one sequence of kicks is for speed and one is for power, then it goes to turn kicks, then double kicks, then jump kicks. This type of drill is not taught in other tkd schools as far as I know, the ultimate purpose being to integrate speed and power. If any fighter has practiced an art that has made them strong, fast and explosive and can translate that into any other arts required for MMA or other training useful for the street, the usual counters to whatever move are pointless, because you won't know what's coming and possibly wouldn't see it anyway.

TKD is a relatively new art in the U.S. and still evolving. Although my school is small, I think it is the shape of things to come in TKD, putting more of an emphasis on power and effectiveness of the move and concurrently teaching boxing and (for higher ranks than me the lowly green belt) some grappling.

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