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Originally Posted by b00mknockout View Post
you know what you got to do

: do deadlifts, proper squats and shut up about your knees (even twice a cycle) do less bicep work + push the weight

the more you eat the more you grow.. e.g. throw in another half chicken breast and more rice for each meal
maybe supplement some n3 (oily fish, flax seeds/oil...)

no2? honestly IMO....... unnoticeable difference .. might give you a little performance boost but that will just be like the emperor's new clothes
you could try it, effectiveness depends on the person
Yeah I know!! I'll stop being a little bitch about the knee and start hitting the legs hard. You know what else I noticed since I haven't been deadlifting? back workouts are starting to suffer!

Before I try the N.O. Explode I think I'll just rip the legs for awhile and boost the calories.

My old lady and my brother say that its silly that I'm actually stressing about getting bigger. Its funny how even though I'm a big ass dude I obsess about getting even bigger. Its like an addiction man!!! haha
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