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Originally Posted by mawrestler125 View Post
Sylvia is a bad match up for Fedor.

The same problem nog had, is going to be the same problem fedor has. How is Fedor going to bring the fight to the ground. From what I have seen in his fights, he mostly uses his upper body to control his opponent. Thats going to be pretty difficult against a guy like Sylvia. So the question is, will he stand and can he outstrike him. Fedor has better standup, but he doesn't have the same reach.

That being said, fedor is god, so I know where my money will be lying on the table.

PS. I hate sylvia and am not excited for this fight, because Sylvia can make the most exciting fighters boring as hell. Except Randy.
I think Fedor will be able to use leg-trips to successfully take Tim down. Tim's definitely a tough match-up because of his length, but that length becomes of detriment in close quarters. This is visible in his last three fights as Couture leg-tripped him (even though Tim's back was bad), as did Vera and Nogueira. Tim's got a great sprawl, but Fedor never shoots for doubles, so Tim's going to have to prepare more for trips.

I won't doubt Fedor because I've seen him outstrike Cro Cop. Sure the reach is an issue, but in all honesty Fedor has faced every kind of fighter there is, he will prepare accordingly for Tim.

Should be a great fight though, I love watching both guys fight (especially Fedor).
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