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Originally Posted by Squeetard
Niether, not without some knowledge of other disciplines. It's a rock paper scissors scenario.

The wrestler can take down the grappler but he will get caught in a submission if he does not know how to defend.

The striker has only a punchers chance and a slim one at that if he does not learn to defend the takedown against the grappler, wrestler.

If the grapplers do not know how to defend the kicks, knees and clinch. They are playing a dangerous game when they shoot.

If I had to pick one for my own personal defense it would be BJJ. first, it can teach you how to beat guys much bigger than you, wrestlers all seem to be mesomorphs and rely on strength. Pure wrestlers have never trained to 'finish' anyone. Pretty hard to make some drunk ass 'say uncle' cause you pinned him.

BJJ will train you to break arms and legs and choke people unconscious, great way to end a fight quickly without personal injury.

Striking is okay, KOing someone will get you respect fast, but 95% of us lack the skills to bring Knock out power to your opponent. You stand toe to toe with someone you are going to get hit. It hurts, I'm sick to death of getting punched in the face, it may be okay for you ugly guys but I have some boy Band good looks to protect

Also, for self defense, BJJ is the best skill set to have if someone pulls a weapon on you. Bar none. someone comes at you with a knife and you try and punch with him, you are going to get stuck. you can take him down and break that arm with BJJ.
very good points.
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