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Originally Posted by iceman574
I love bj i really do this guy is a natural talent but he lost to st piarre fair and square and to be fair we all no that bj was dominating matt as he did in there first bout however it was his choice to carry on the fight and he lost at the hands of matt huges because of that choice so i dont belive it is fair to say that matt would have lost had he not been ingured i really dont think you guys are giving matt any credit here im not a matt fan but he went out there in great shape and left the octagon the victor now we can discuss weather or not bj would have won till we break our keyboards but it makes no difference matt beat bj thats all there is to it maybe bj would have won maybe not yes matt was losing but we all know matt will be just as powerfull in the 5th round as he is in the 1st at the end of the day matt is a elite fighter and can never be counted out.

Great point, long sentence.

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