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first I've never even went to shegod or whatever. So I do not know what it has. WEre our own entity if we wanted to be like another site this one would not evenexist cause we'd just go join there. as for these ranking systems on herefirst off who cares who created it, who cares what rank someone has it really does not mean shit as it is supposed to be fun. You all need to cut the kiddie, he said she said bullsh*t. WE'd rather have quality posters then just a whole bunch of names on a list that don't do anything.. as I think JR1 said, welcome by the way. Large sites do not always make good sites (yea I paraphrased it) and just to prevent this thread from getting completely out of hand I am closing it the site will improve and add new areas and the Moderaters and Admin people decide it is time to add stuff if you have idea's please let us know some of the newer areas added came from some members who suggested it. as for comparing us to other sites we don't really care this is a damngood site for being rather new compared to others and has some damn good QUALITY posts and members who do a great job CONTRIBUTING to it. to them I say thanks to the rest go elsewhere or something.

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