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The way I see it, although Monson is the shorter and lighter guy, I believe he would still be the physically stronger man.

Tim Sylvia's weight seems to be from the combination of muscle and fat and his tall height.
Monson on the other hand...well....lets face it....he's a hairless Gorilla.

I know Sylvia has some pretty good wrestling skills, but when it goes to the ground, its all Monson's game.
Monson, being a bit shorter, will be able to move faster. Not only that, he will out power and out wrestle Sylvia because Monson is just a sick mofo like that.
Going to the ground will benefit Monson since Sylvia's limbs are so long and give him a chance for a submission.

This fight could go any way, it's a clash of styles once again.
Sylvia can only win through a stand up fight, Monson can only win through the ground game.

Im favoring Monson, but I have my doubts.
After all, Tim defeated AA twice.
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