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Originally Posted by Stryker View Post
its a possibility that i might be going to University of North Carolina at Pembroke, but thats a tiny college and when we visited the campus it was like in a desolate town haha so i don't even know how close the nearest gym is but i know they have equipment and stuff and if there are no gym near there i will workout and stuff but if i don't go there i will probably go to wake tech. community college and won't have to move, so i will be able to work, go to school, and still take bjj and maybe muay thai at crossfit
I was sort of in the same position. I went and looked at a school in Santa Fe for college and, while I had other problems with the school, the fact that I'd have to drive an hour to get to a decent academy threw me off. (I outranked the BJJ "instructor") on campus and when I rolled with him, I kicked his ass.

Now I'm going to Fresno State (I start in the fall) and I'm going to train at either New Era Martial Arts or Pacific Martial Arts. I'm going to check out the programs there pretty soon, but I was up for a day a little while ago and looked at the facilities, and both have nice setups. (new era has a cage, which is awesome)

Frankly, MMA wasn't a huge factor in choosing where I went to school, because it's something I felt like I could do anywhere, but now that I'm going somewhere where (at either academy) I'll get to train with pro-fighters (though not the top tier guys, honestly) I'm sure I'll be much happier.

It's a nice security thing for me to have. Even if I have issues with roommates and sh*t, I can still go to the gym and workout. Training is a great relaxer for me.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I'll say this, the fitness center at Fresno State is the best conditioning gym I've ever been in.

Also, you should see if the CC has wrestling. It's a good thing to try out, especially because it's not so competitive that they're going to force you to learn those details that are detrimental to MMA (they do that to alot of D-1 guys, and it's actually the one advantage Tito had over alot of the top wrestlers, though they tend to beat his ass for other reasons).

Still, keep up the training. Plus, staying at home will save you money and you can focus on your training a little more instead of having to worry about money. That's not a thing I'm seriously looking forward to in college.

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