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Worst fighter performances you have ever seen?

After watching Kalib Starnes in action at UFC 83 I was inspired to do this thread!

Other then Kalib Starnes performance yesterday I want you to name other fighters that put on some of the crappiest fighting performances you have ever seen.

I have one fight in mind. The problem is I forgot the names of the fighters and which Pride event it took place. Maybe if I described it you guys you will no what which fighter I am talking about.

This was a Pride show. Two of the fighters were Japanese (I think) One of the fighters was bald and threw out this entire fight he kept jumping up and down around the ring like an idiot. It was a bad attempt to look flashy and exciting. Stephan Quadros and Bas Rutten even thought this guy looked ridicious. While he was jumping up the other fighter accidently nailed him hard in the balls with a kick. The other fighter took five minutes to recover and said he was fine and countiued. He started doing the jumping thing again but stopped grabbed his balls a verbally submitted.

Worst performance ever by a fighter? Again if you know who this was please tell me. Also, Put down what you think was the worst performance ever!

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