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Originally Posted by NaChOmAmA
Speaking of sick and tired of hearing things. I am sick and tired of hearing about how Rich "Deuce" Franklin wasn't himself that night, and how he would take Anderson Silva no problem in the rematch. First off...the only reason he didn't look like himself was because he has never experienced a pure owning like that before. It wasnt his broken hand or any other excuse. The fact is...he was outclassed. Not saying Rich isn't a great fighter for the UFC, but I just do not think he has what it takes to run with the big boys.

I think Anderson and Swick will be pretty close to what happened between Rich and Anderson. Swick thinks hes amazing (sure hes alright) but he isnt ready for someone of Silvas ability. Swick and Louiseau are the only 2 in the UFC that might not get knocked out so quickly! If Dave would let it hang all out in the ring like in his TKO/UCC days...he would do ok for himself and loose a decision or a later round tko/ko.

I think Anderson should gain weight and beat up Chuck next! haha
He could easily too!
no im sorry but silva cannot easily beat chuck so stfu.
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