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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge View Post
Fix, funny how all these wash-ups/side shows are calling out Kimbo.
Funny how Kimbo called out Chuck Liddell and is a sideshow as well.
Ill tell you the truth, a fight with butterbean would be a close one because there skill or lack there of, is at about the same level. I actually would give the edge to the bean though I dont think Id be shocked if Kimbo won, bottem line is its too big of a risk to fight someone that legitimate before he weasel's his was into a complete beating by Chuck or someone else that brings in money.

Slice could probably kick my ass but he's still just a sham when it comes to MMA and nothing close to a true athlete just a common thug looking for the best way to make a fast buck and use MMA and its ever growing popularity to make that cash before the hype is exposed.

"I fear no man, but Jim Harrison and Mike Stone are the two last men that I would wish to meet in an alley fight. Jim Harrison's fighting style is not flamboyant or spectacular, it's just simple and deadly!" - Bruce Lee
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