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You guys know that Butterbean has a ground game, right? He's worked hard on it, and though he's a striker by trade, he did submit a 400 pound fighter with a kimura, so he's got some idea what he's doing on the ground.

It he going to pull an armbar off of the back? Probably not.

Still, if this fight does happen, I see it lasting all of three minutes, and Butterbean winning via knockout. This isn't because Kimbo's bad, it's because Butterbean is one of the King-of-the-Four-Rounders. He's a technical boxer who's been at this alot longer than Kimbo.

Honestly, when I look at the size difference, the experience factor, the skill set matchup and the simple fact that Butterbean has fought in this sport for a long time, I have to say that Butterbean (as fat and slow as he is) is probably right about this one.

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