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Did GSP get into Matt Hughes head?

According to Michael DiSanto of, Matt Hughes has the edge on the mental game over St. Pierre.

(From UFC® : Ultimate Fighting Championship®) Mental

"St. Pierre is far from a mental midget, as he showed when refusing to quit in a gut-check win over Penn. But it is impossible to successfully argue that he has any sort of mental edge over Hughes heading into this fight for two simple, albeit related, reasons.

First, Hughes’ owns a definitive submission win over the French-Canadian. That has a huge impact on their respective pre-fight psyche, particularly since St. Pierre appeared to be controlling the action early. The net result is that a little devilish fellow called “doubt” will be sitting squarely on St. Pierre’s shoulder whispering in his ear as the action gets underway. Those whispers will become loud screams if Hughes is able to put St. Pierre on his back and pass his guard.

Second, St. Pierre’s actions in the trailing several months suggest that the fight has gotten under his skin. It is significant that he appeared tremendously uncomfortable in Hughes’ presence during the filming of “TUF 4: The Comeback.” In fact, he was so uncomfortable that he chose to leave the gym shortly after Hughes arrived. It was unclear at the time whether that was a bit of gamesmanship, a move strictly designed to hype the fight for the television audience or a display of nervousness. But St. Pierre’s odd decision to enter the Octagon and disrespect Hughes after the champion defeated Penn was completely out of character for a guy widely considered to be one of the nicest, most respectful gentlemen in the sport.

At the end of the day, it seems as if Hughes has gotten into St. Pierre’s head, or at least under his skin. Edge: Hughes."

Maybe all of this is true. But one thing gets me! If you have seen the previews of the Hughes/St. Pierre fight you see Matt Hughes saying he wants to punch and beat up St. Pierre up. Of course that is his job but from what I have seen in other previews for other Matt Hughes fights, I don't think I ever heard him talk like that. He sounded down right pi$$ed off when he said he wanted to beat up GSP. Maybe I am reading too much into it but what do you think? Did GSP get into Matt Hughes head instead of the other way around?

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