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Originally Posted by flourhead
matt hughes is about to be a nobody. GSP will beat him. Penn will beat him. Diego will beat him. and then that will be game over for team miletich because franklin will never get his title back and sylvia is about to lose his.
Wow you really don't know what your talking about do you? Aren't you that guy that made that Arlovski should retire thread?

BJ isn't a nobody and he lost to Hughes and GSP. Matt beat GSP and BJ, and even if he does lose to them, he will not go down easy, and even if he does he will NEVER be a nobody. Look how long the man has had the title, and how he just dominated so many of his opponents, including dominating the son of the creator of BJJ on the ground.

I don't care if he loses to a 12 year old schoolgirl, he will still be remembered for what he did. And like said before your a nobody on this forum, yeah that sounds about right.

"Everybody underestimates the kick in the groin." - Bas Rutten
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