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Tito guaranteed victory. Here's why...

Hello All,

This is my first post to MMA Forum. I am the owner of We are in prelaunch and have noticed the MMA Forum's Adwords Ad on our website. According to our stats, a lot of people click on through the ad on our site and end up here. Glad we can help.

Our site will be fully live in one month. Currently we are building a large database of MMA competitors and conducting interviews. We were thinking about a message board, but I talked my partners out of it. Instead, I think I'll hang around this one.

Here's's two cents on the Shamrock Ortiz rematch...

Tito wins because he is still close to his prime and is a more evolved fighter than Shamrock. Ken, by his own admission is "not a Jiu Jitsu guy." In today's MMA world, you have to be a Jiu Jitsu guy, just like you have to be a grappling guy, and a striking guy, and a kick boxing guy, and a...

One dimensional fighters can win an occasional fight, especially if they're heavy handed, but in one hundred matches, the well rounded MMA competitor will win over 90% of the fights.

A fighter like Chuck Liddell seems one dimensional because we rarely see him on the ground, in the guard. But, that's only because he has great takedown defense and doesn't shoot on his opponents, though he has exceptional wrestling skills as is evidenced by that great takedown defense.

The Iceman chooses to stay on his feet and slug because his heavy hands are even more dominant than his incredible ground game.

Shamrock has submitted opponents, but no one of significance. He has lost a decent amount of fights recently, a couple that were questionable, but still defeats.

His early MMA victories were against opponents who were not well rounded fighters. It was a sport in its infancy when Shamrock reached his prominence, and he was thoroughly outclassed quickly by the first well rounded fighter he faced: Royce Gracie.

Ken fought not to lose in the rematch and came away with a boring draw.

I may sound as if I'm anti Shamrock, but that is not the case. I'm a fan, but I believe that today's fighters have the advantage of training in all areas of fighting from day one, and they watch tapes of the legends like Royce Gracie and pick apart his Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

It's actually unfair to guys like Royce. The entire MMA world watched his matches and developed a style to counter it because he was so dominant. That's why Matt Hughes did so well against Gracie; he had over a decade of MMA training to combat Gracie Jiu Jitsu (actually, Royce's interpretation of it) behind him. He also had youth, weight, and strength on his side.

It will be a similar scenario between Tito and Ken. I like tito also. He's a good guy, but it's always sad to see the legends fall to the wayside, left defeated on their shields of battle.

I'm afraid that's what we have to look forward to. We'll see.

I look forward to posting after the fight.

If anyone's in the NJ area, send me an email. Maybe we can get a group together and check out the fights.


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