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Those are not the ufc gloves they're using now.

This is insane, am I the only one who can see that the UFC-gloves have more padding now??

I think the lbs-measuring is a bad way of measuring the sizes of gloves(mma-gloves thatis). 4oz in weight may be right, but even a fool can se that the dream/WVR-gloves have less padding...

The US MMA is taking a very bad direction in my opinion, the rules, early stoppages, favouring cowards(..and wrestlers) who likes to turtle up and other positions just showing back of the head, and last but not least - the UFC trying to rule the sport via monopoly and with ridiculous methods(recently banning afflictions shirts..).

I really DO have good hopes for the MMA in US and my hopes go to the new affliction promotion and allowing knees to downed oppents. War Affliction(and other promotions against UFC), I use to love UFC as an org, even more than pride but you're a retard if you don't see what they're doing is enormously bad for the sport...
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