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Most Underrated Fighter?

OK we've done who we think is the most overrated so now lets do who we think is the most underrated fighter in the UFC.

Tim Sylvia- Its amazing how underated he is on here. Not just underrated but just hated to the point where you think he raped somebody's mother or something. He doesn't get credit for anything. He also gets a bad rap here for being the most boring fighter in the UFC which is just rediculous considering that almost all of his fights in his career end by knockout (he has only gone to decision like three times in his entire creer, only twice in the UFC). In addition almost all of those knockouts are in the first round and are usually highlight real material.

Evan Tanner- He just seems to get ignored. He is a great fighter that hardly ever gets mentioned.

Danny Abbadi- Just kidding.

Anyone else?


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