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Ikuhisa Minowa vs Taiei Kin

Round 1

No red undies, but the mullet is in full effect as Minowa begins to push the pace immediately as he goes for the takedown. However Kin sprawls and throws a high kick of his own. Minowa dives for another takedown, which he gets, but Kin scrambles again. Kin now pushing the action as he lands several low, and body kicks, and sprawling at Minowa's takedowns. Minowa finally gets the takedown but is unable to do much in Kin's guard. Two minutes pass as Minowa tries fruitlessly to inflict any sort of strike in Kin's guard. They stand again, but Minowa immediately gets another takedown and regains top position, this time, landing a few strikes. Minowa finally rolls out of guard and gets side control, but Kin scrambles and throws several leg kicks, as Minowa's thighs begin to welt.

Half way through the 1st round now and both fighters circle on their feet, respectively landing several punches on one another. Minowa with another takedown, with what seems to be a slow descent to a heel hook. The fatigued fighters get reset on their feet by the referee as he issues Kin with a yellow card. After the reset, Kin rushes Minowa, landing several kicks and knees in the corner of the ring. Another takedown from Minowa leads to a slower pace now as both the end of the round follows.

Round 2

Round 2 brings a rather refreshed Minowa, but with the same game plan as he gets another takedown. After almost 2 minutes of inactivity, the referee orders another reset, this time, Minowa coming out strong and landing several straights as Kin goes for the takedown. Both fighters trade again, Kin gets Minowa in a headlock after a sprawl and begins throwing knees at the command of his corner. Minowa appears to be pretty fatigued now as Kin gets a plumb clinch and lands several strong knees. Kin finally closes the round with more damaging knees from clinch.

Result: Taiei Kin via Unanimous Decision

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