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Yoon Dong Sik vs Shungo Oyama

Round 1:

Dong comes out quick with a leg kick as fighters begin to set their distance. A couple quick straights from Dong as he shoots in for a quick take down. Oyama gets an omoplatta as he tries to transition to the armbar, but Dong rolls out and postures for body shots. Dong struggles but gets the side mount as he begins to throw shots to the head and elbows to the body, but Oyama quickly rolls to half guard. Dong reverses and gets mount, (a quick shot of Akiyama in the stands and the crowd begins to boo). Dong tries to soften his opponent with strikes from the top and attempts an armbar, but Oyama defeds and rolls and gets to his feet.

With two minutes to go, both fighters circle and land their respective leg kicks. A big right from Oyama, but Dong answers with his own. A takedown from Dong leads to Oyama pulling guard with the round coming to a close.

Round 2

Round 2 starts with a fast pace being set. Dong quickly lands a big right that drops Oyama, but Oyama cartwheels back and stands. Dong gets a big takedown by the corner, but they are forced to reset in the center. Dong lands a superman punch to the downed Oyama and quickly rolls to his back then mount. A combination of head to body strikes by Dong from the mount appears to be softening Oyama up. Dong now postures and unleashes a vicious flurry of ground and pound with the fight coming to a close.

Yoon Dong Sik Via Unanimous Decision

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