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It's funny how UFC's website brings up GSP "uncharacteristically" going into the octagon and telling Matt he was not impressed. Haha, that shit was clearly scripted and who else would script it other than the UFC who is writing this report. Notice how they use it on their previews now? Also funny how the UFC acts like they don't know if GSP leaving the room during TUF4 was scripted or sportsmanship/nervousness. It's all a joke I think people take these prefight word battles a little too seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if all of it was scripted. Not directing this towards you Bonnar. But I understand what you mean by Hughes saying he wants to knock GSP out, that's the first thing I thought when I heard it...he's never talked like that before and he does sound kinda pissed. Oh well, scripted or not it still makes the fight more exciting.
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