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Originally Posted by Pogo the Clown
How can GSP words after the fight be scripted? For that to happen they would have had to have fixed the fight so that hughes would win and make so that he had a shitty performance during the fight before he got the win.


Well if you watch the fight, you see someone tell GSP something and he shakes his head "yea" and smiles and then starts to walk up to the octagon. It doesn't have to be fixed for it to be scripted, it was either a last minute command from someone, or they told him "IF Hughes wins, go up there and say this". He doesn't even sound sincere at all when he's saying it, just sounds like he is reading it straight off a teleprompter. It was obvious it was scripted and it the fight didn't have to be fixed. I bet they told him no matter who wins, go up there and say you're not impressed (or something similar depending on how the fight actually went) so we can use it for the countdown. The main reason I strongly feel it was scripted is because the camera man cut to GSP a little too early and like I said you could see him talking to someone and says "yea" (like "ok") and then walks up there. If you have it taped or something watch it you will see what I am talking about,

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